RECENSIONE – Melvin, Travel Dudes

— RECENSIONE – Melvin, Travel Dudes

Travel is a lot about senses, but it’s also about experiences and atmosphere. Each destination got its own and then there are specific events which adds on top of it.

One of those specific events is the F1 Grand Prix in Monza. At the moment you drive towards the circuit, you see masses of people who also head there. Most of them in red, wearing Ferrari outfits and flags. Then you enter the grounds and you realize the size of this whole event. There are hundreds of people who take care that it all goes smoothly. You turn around a corner and there it is… the sound of the first engines, somewhere far from the paddock area, where the engines are getting tested and warmed up and still the sound make it to your ears. You get closer, the sounds get louder, the smell of tires and oil gets added, more people arrive.  The excitement gets bigger every minute.

You walk around and then the whole spectacle starts… the first race is on its way. The GP3 cars drive their rounds and you know it’s about time to get to your spot and to enjoy the full show. – Melvin, Travel Dudes


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