Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Lola Akinmade Åkerström is an award-winning travel writer, blogger, and photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her photography has been featured by National Geographic Creative and she loves exploring culture through food, tradition, and everyday lifestyles. She is also the editor of Slow Travel Stockholm and co-founder of the NordicTB Collective of travel storytellers.


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In Photos: Exploring Italian Renaissance in Mantua

28 aprile 2016


A walk-through some photos of Mantua, Italy, and its Renaissance history…

It’s so easy to take Italy for granted.

So easy to stroll across its centuries-old cobblestone piazzas, look past frescoes older than the United States of America, rush by history-laden buildings, intricate details, corners, nooks, and crannies.

38 Favourite Street Photos from Mantua, Italy

3 maggio 2016


My return trip to Lombardia was way too short considering I love slowly wiling away hours upon hours in a new place so I can create memorable photos. Especially in this case, to capture a ton of street photos from Mantua. This only means I have to go back and explore more of its corners in depth.

Culinary Experiences in Mantua Worth Trying

10 maggio 2016


There were two culinary experiences in Mantua that particularly stuck out for me and I highly recommend them below. While in Mantua, I ate my way through this tiny UNESCO Heritage town – from the hard crumbly goodness of its local crunchy almond cake, torte sbrisolona (links to a recipe I’m planning to try myself) to pumpkin-filled tortelli with butter and sage (my new Italian food kryptonite).

The Curious Tale of Sabbioneta

30 maggio 2016


It started with the ringing of the church bells from the historic Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta church which dates back to 1767. A mixture of classical catholic hymns that then morphed into a more eccentric cacophony of melodies. Ringing unapologetically into an echo chamber that is the sparse town of Sabbioneta, Italy.